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Originally Posted by Terome View Post
I will concede that it exists but you'll never convince me that it matters.
It matters as a lesson that we must never forget how bad things were and how bad they could get again.

He is, though, the desperate type.
Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
When his bar's been so empty for so long, I don't think he's in any position to turn away any customer.
Desperate enough to not want the patrons who were driven out by Brainstorm poisoning them to see Brainstrom just sitting there in the bar surely? It's not even as if he's in there when business is bad.

Brainstorm just being able to go in there for a drink casually just makes all the dirty looks (and occasional gun pulled on him) the non-Decepticon Cyclonus has had to put up with seem even more unfair.

I did love the idea of Megatron's poetry reading driving everyone out. And as a former terrible villain forced into cahoots with the good guys but who really just wants his bad poetry appreciated... He's basically Spike from offa Buffy isn't he?

The fandom reaction to this one surprised me, though. The histrionics surrounding Getaway are a bit much, with some people practically accusing him of being a child molester trying to "steal" Tailgate from Cyclonus. I miss the days when the shippers in this fandom were a tiny minority of perverts that the majority could just ignore, instead of there being so many of them that their creepy ideas are widespread enough to hijack the discussion of plot points. In the old days, we would have been able to look at this scene for what it (hopefully) is: a shady intelligence agent buttering up a vulnerable person using textbook psychological manipulation techniques for unknown but obviously-evil ends.
I don't think finding a creepy sexual element to their scenes is out of whack (though it's clearly not child molestation), even if you go with your reading of it, agents manipulating people do traditioanlly use sex as a tool and with Roberts having brought an (at the very least an analogy of) sexuality to the series it's hard not to read it as a honey trap scene. And the way he's shoving drinks down Tailgate's throat after he wants to stop is pure creepy boyfriend territory.

The debate comes from whether it's a valid story direction. I'd say yes-assuming a decent payoff- but it's being very drawn out.

I'm also stunned by the sheer number of people who are saying that Brainstorm and Rewind did nothing wrong and Whirl is the one who should be on trial for the horrible crime of saving someone's life. He's a freaking hero! And I don't want to hear any "he condemned billions of people to die with his actions!" Because all those people are already dead, and changing history so that they're not is only going to condemn a whole different set of people to die (or, as is the case with many of the book's cast, to have never lived to begin with).
I feel lucky I don't browse the other boards. That's... just stupid. But probably fueled on by the book's attempt to try and make Brainstorm not be a villain here.

I mean, I just don't buy the idea Ratchet uses to bring Nautica (one good point McFeely made on the Underbase podcast, she's actually a quantum engineer. Where was she during the quantum engine based time travel shenanigans? She'd have been a safer pair of hands running it than Perceptor) around that Brainstorm was being "Selfless" in doing something that would kill him as well.

I mean, if he'd gone around the ship with a gun and shot every made to order Autobot aboard in the head before committing suicide, no one would claim that was a selfless act. His plan was basically a really elaborate and over the top way of doing that.

Also, how the hell is Chromedome's word enough to let Rewind wriggle off the hook? They're married, there's no way in hell that Domey can provide a sound medical diagnosis. Shouldn't they have at least sent him to Rung?
See, if his defence had been "this court is biased to hell", it would have worked. But instead, other than briefly trying to get his defence counsel's husband on the dock as well, he just goes for the unrepentant bastard defence. And it works.

Two thoughts:

From the way the comic draws attention to it, how clean Meagtron's room is will turn out to Be Significant.

From the way he's very carefully not named, Chromedome's Decepticon handler will Be Significant.

Why were all the witnesses present for the hearing when none of them were called (or was there a time jump I missed)?

I think the problem is, the season kicked off with a big trial. So the obvious thing of doing a big trial for Brainstorm is avoided, creating a really odd sequence as it tries to try and prevent repetition.

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