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I loved the artwork in this. What’s best is that it mimics Milne’s style whilst also having a good portion of its own. Its the first time I’ve ever totally taken to an artist on this comic who isn’t Milne or Roche, which in turn might suggest…. might, that its a bit too safe?

I know that sounds stupid, but I really have grown an appreciation for that guy who drew the Rewind eulogy issue. He really knew how to do eyes, angles and intensity.

But in this issue, the art is superb, and it works perfectly with the colourist (la Fuente?). The two seem a perfect fit.

Not much to say about the story, which I hope comes across as very high praise because I think this will be a slow burner that needs a lot re-reading. The only issue I have at the moment is that Ratchet mentions he wants to talk to everyone who is important in his eyes before he leaves, and one of those people is Nautica, who I don’t think he’s ever spoken to, on panel. So I found that a bit jarring.

I liked Brainstorm’s joke about Rung being a Decepticon, because behind every joke there is a half-truth, and I feel that must be especially so when it comes from someone like Brainstorm.

Ten; I never really remember him. Are these Legislators all different sizes? Because the two Skids fought in the second issue were massive. Ten barely comes up to Magnus’ shoulders (his normal shoulders, not the massive white pylons that sit above them).

Very scary as well that Ten has a consciousness, taste, creative streak and whatnot. The way Tyrest went on about them suggested they were little more than computers following an instruction, so where has Ten’s consciousness come from? This feels a bit like when Centurion suddenly acquired his own personality and the Professor Morris angle was done away with.

Really like Warcry’s suggestion of Getaway being a mole for Tyrest. No-one ever questioned his coming aboard the Lost Light, especially once he’d free’d them from the cell. It would certainly be a way for Tyrest to knew everything that’s going on on board. The other thing that interests me about Getaway is that he and Skids seem to have nothing to do with each other. I wouldn’t write that off as effects of the Nudge gun, there’s either something more than that, or we’re due a sequence between the two.

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