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If you're very good then MAYBE in issue #80 he'll get a page to himself.

From the way he's very carefully not named, Chromedome's Decepticon handler will Be Significant.
Yeah, that one landed with a bit of a clang. I'm guessing Banzai-tron is the obvious choice but that wouldn't be so interesting. Also, what the hell has Banzai-Tron been up to the whole time? If he's talking to ALL Brainstorm then he must have got out of that ditch that Arcee left him in.

I liked Brainstorm’s joke about Rung being a Decepticon, because behind every joke there is a half-truth, and I feel that must be especially so when it comes from someone like Brainstorm.
Now that you mention it... that is kind of an odd panel...

Really like Warcry’s suggestion of Getaway being a mole for Tyrest. No-one ever questioned his coming aboard the Lost Light, especially once he’d free’d them from the cell. It would certainly be a way for Tyrest to knew everything that’s going on on board. The other thing that interests me about Getaway is that he and Skids seem to have nothing to do with each other. I wouldn’t write that off as effects of the Nudge gun, there’s either something more than that, or we’re due a sequence between the two.
I dunno - it doesn't add up for him to be Tyrest's creature. He nearly had his spark snuffed out by the guy, after all. Something's definitely up between him and Skids though. You're right that there's no evidence yet of them liking each other at all. On the other hand...

The only issue I have at the moment is that Ratchet mentions he wants to talk to everyone who is important in his eyes before he leaves, and one of those people is Nautica, who I don’t think he’s ever spoken to, on panel. So I found that a bit jarring.
Anyone can be friends off-panel!
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