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Took me a while to write in this -after- the issue and expand on some points...

IDW are guilty of doing the same cr@p almost twice in a row---namely, having a series come out [real-world chronologically speaking] months before the actual event is referenced in the comic books. I think this took out most of the reading pleasure you'd otherwise get from this issue.

You don't feel bad for Ratchet, you don't feel anxious for Ratchet, you don't have any impending sense of dread for Ratchet...because you read what he went on to do months ago. Wanna say a year ago, but that's not accurate. Kind of similar situation with Punishment and RID.

Despite this inconsistency I enjoyed the issue. It reads like a quiet-down and recharge your batteries issue, especially after the non-stop onslaught of S2 so far. Barring issue 39 which focused on different bots, issues 28-38 were one big non-stop adventure.

Unfortunately, due to the release schedule, some of the issue's main points were given away earlier this month or even invalidated right away.

First Aid, congrats, you have become the new chief medical officer---only to "spoil" this by sending you back to Cybertron at the beginning of this month to form Defensor.

Mirage, hey, wow, new bar...but whoops, even when the preview was out, you know his bar was out of business thanks to RID coming out earlier.

Something fishy is going on with Getaway indeed---kind of reminded me of BW Dinobot, whispering the right words in the right ears in S1 of BW, only this one is sadly less likeable.


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