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Originally Posted by Terome View Post
If you're very good then MAYBE in issue #80 he'll get a page to himself.
Where, just to confuse things, he'll be written with Nightbeat's actual personality.

I dunno - it doesn't add up for him to be Tyrest's creature. He nearly had his spark snuffed out by the guy, after all. Something's definitely up between him and Skids though. You're right that there's no evidence yet of them liking each other at all. On the other hand...
If he is working for Tyrest they must have been in contact since Remain in Light considering it would make no sense for the whole jailbreak thing to be a set up when Tyrest wasn't expecting to lose.

Anyone can be friends off-panel!
Maybe that's what they were up to during Elegant Chaos?

Or perhaps it was Ratchet acting more for Brainstorm's benefit? After all, everybody loves Brainstorm, the scamp.

Hopefully at some point during his time on Cybertron we'll get a scene of First Aid going "I'm the new CMO!" only for Fixit to go "Errr... no you're not. I am. I've been doing the job for two years. Sod off Mr. Arm".
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