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Having basically forgotten it when it was coming out in issues I've picked up the trade now, meaning you all finally get to hear what I think of the full series!

Basically what I thought of issue 1, not essential but nice harmless enough- if forgettable- stuff with some really nice Livio art. The later being especially notable after he's felt off his game on the last two Combiner Wars issues.

It did feel padded at four issues though. When Megatron went to collect all the Decepticons, did we really need to see three basically identical sequences of the Predacons, Stunticons and Combaticons all being picked up? Especially when only the Predacons really contribute anything of note, we could have just had that sequence and the rest being fetched left implied.

I also found the idea of the Stunticons and Combaticons being set tests by the Seekers before being recruited a bit silly as well. "Sorry, you didn't manage to take down this delivery truck/break into this arms depot... I guess we can't take you with us".

Oh, and Grimlock suddenly having an arch foe from his wrestling days that's only mentioned thirty seconds before the guy is killed was gratuitous padding as well.

That said, I loved Megatron setting an army of mad Junkions on the Autobots, and the captured Quintesson ship being used to skewer Metroplex, both the sort of crazy ideas Terome suggested the series needed and which are pulled off with a huge sense of fun. Prime felt a lot more proactive and not taking any shit in this one as well, which is always welcome.

The Megatron in prison ending did feel sequel hunting (though apparently it was to provide a sense of closure for this trilogy, again, it really does feel apart from the rest of the continuity)), but I thought this was a good solid place to end it.
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