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Oh Primacy, you sure look pretty but my god its a mess once you start to think about any of it. Gems such as -

1. How do the Decepticons know about Omega to plan for that big attack
2. Optimus and Megatron - "I want to save you but fight to the death!" That last scene is a mess. And the Matrix again??
3. The messed up timelines - long enough for scorponok to have splintered the decepticons far and wide, short enough for trypticon to still be laying around (unguarded no less), It even contradicts the final scene in Monstrosity where Trypticon was standing behind Megatron and his amassed army of cons.
4. Grimlocks foe - seriously, why? There was already a background rivalry with Hot Rod.
5. Predacons have earth animal modes. hmmmmm....
6. Also, Predacon scene is far too similar to Dreamwave series 3. Actually the whole Megatron linked with Junkions and backed by Quints is very similar to DW. Was Dillie on board with that?

That said, some of the art is really lovely and the action scenes are really quite good. I got the feeling they had these cool scenes all planned but didnt know how to join things up at all. I reckon they had a rough outline of the plot and just went with that.
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