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I loved the continual sight of Tailgate pinging into Ratchet on his BTTF2 hoverboard. It reminded me of Charlie Brown getting knocked off his pitchers mound by the baseball.

I must say though, and I don't know if this is the influence of the Cliffjumper thread or what, but MTMTE has felt a lot less necessary to me lately. I used to crave the next issue, it was so cool not only to be going down the (equivalent of) a Newsagents to get a Transformers comic again, but one as superbly written and illustrated as this. It felt vital.

But for the last handful of issues it hasn't felt that way so much. I'm not sure why as everything is fine. Apparently lots of people regard this issue as one of the best. I do like it a lot, but for me its nowhere near that. Maybe its a grower...

Maybe its because I'm still put off by Nautica & Riptide for really immature reasons (them not being toys), which I know is utterly stupid when I like Drift... Or rather, I like Drift because of his relationship with Rodimus and Ratchet.

I mean, the DJD are back and this should mean high excitement and high stakes time. But I'm put off by Nickel and Deathsaurus and his no-name crew. I'd be more than happy for the Lost Light + Megatron to Square off against Tarn and co. That's as dangerous as it gets.

But I also want resolution for Skids, the Necrobot, the Scavengers, backstory on Ambulon, Red Alert & Fort Max (with guns in his legs and everything), Chromedome's nefarious meddlings with everyone, Rung and for Drift to return. Oh, and Springer, Roadbuster, Overlord, Pharma, whoever's pulling Tyrest's strings and the other dodgy geezers on the Lost Light are just as dangerous to the known cast as any errant Decepticons; referring here to Smokescreen, Sunstreaker, Atomizer...

Top of my list would be Skids, but I've a feeling he's deeply connected to at least two different storylines that would need a lot of unravelling from other characters.
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