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Time for plan bee-weeoop
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Yeah, the speculation game has been low lately. Mostly from the horde of people tossing bits and pieces together and figuring things out early (the deal with the alternate Lost Light, that Brainy was really after Megs), but also the recent issues haven't seemed to really provide much fodder for it. Unless we're missing things...

I have to go back and compare dead Hyperion to the one shown fighting Black Shadow in that flashback. Could be one of those 'more than one guy named Prowl' things. But if they are one and same, that is indeed a bit of a waste. Though there's always ways to get into his background, Impactor showing up for story time, for one.

And I still think Pious and Fortress Maximus are connected, possibly even the same bot. Fort Max being a warborn Point One Percenter (on a good day) seems like a real oddity.
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