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Originally Posted by Terome View Post
I'll get round to reading this some day. Nice to hear they are attempting to court the recalcitrant Terome market with more wacky hijinx.
Their "Target Terome" strategy was presumably created by the mastermind behind Labour's election campaign.

Originally Posted by Red Dave Prime View Post
4. Grimlocks foe - seriously, why? There was already a background rivalry with Hot Rod.
That bit was so one of Livio's contributions wasn't it? "You know this character I created that's been in the background? Why not give him a bit? He could be Grimlock's greatest rival. I'll change the name from Marimus Sueitron if you like".

5. Predacons have earth animal modes. hmmmmm....
From what I've read, and it's a logic that's hard to argue with even if it's odd to put animal Predacons against vehicle Dynobots- is that with various Transformers who've never been to Earth turning out to have alt modes based on animals that look just like Earth ones (Rattrap, Waspinator and so on) Livio thought "Why the hell not?" and went with it.
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