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Time for plan bee-weeoop
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So someone over on TFW2005 noticed that there's something interesting on the credits page (I think). It shows one of the new characters (Velocity, her name having been revealed by Milne when showing off some of the new character designs) standing with what appears to be Minimus, looking at a bunch of stuff carved into a wall. One of the carvings being that gear symbol that was on the backside of Luna 1. Perhaps Thunders was taking notes from his divine visions, just in case.

Which reminds me... The Matrix map. It was copy protected. You couldn't take a picture of it nor remember the details. So why the bloody hell did no one project the map onto one of the Lost Light's walls and carve the damn thing in with a laser scalpel? I guess Perceptor wasn't smart enough to figure that one out
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