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Originally Posted by Unicron View Post
The Thunderclash School of Heroic Arts. Really? Ok, I'm officially with Rodimus on his opinion of 'Thunders'.
It's more than a little over the top, isn't it? In the issue he debuted in, you could argue that it's just Rodimus overreacting to someone who's a better leader than him on account of how much Rodimus sucks. But stuff like this makes it look like Thunderclash really is super-duper awesome, which is sort of eyeroll-inducing.

Originally Posted by Unicron View Post
I hope that wasn't the death of Countdown. Highly decorated General? He might be interesting
Yeah, that would be a Black Shadow-caliber waste.

Originally Posted by Red Dave Prime View Post
Brainstorm being back to just one of the guys is a bit disappointing.
Disappointing but not surprising.

Like dalek said in the last issue's thread, you'd think the crew would be a mite uneasy around the guy who just poisoned them all.

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Which reminds me... The Matrix map. It was copy protected. You couldn't take a picture of it nor remember the details. So why the bloody hell did no one project the map onto one of the Lost Light's walls and carve the damn thing in with a laser scalpel? I guess Perceptor wasn't smart enough to figure that one out
I asked myself the exact same question the very second they introduced the whole silly "copy-protected" idea. That, or use a projector that was rigged to use enough power to burn it onto the wall. I assume the silly unexplained magic that somehow prevents a living machine's hard drives from storing pictures of it also somehow prevents them from doing this, but since they didn't mention it, it's just a guess.

Or maybe it's 100% possible but the magic just prevents them from thinking of it.
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