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I asked myself the exact same question the very second they introduced the whole silly "copy-protected" idea. That, or use a projector that was rigged to use enough power to burn it onto the wall. I assume the silly unexplained magic that somehow prevents a living machine's hard drives from storing pictures of it also somehow prevents them from doing this, but since they didn't mention it, it's just a guess.

Or maybe it's 100% possible but the magic just prevents them from thinking of it.
Well, the one explanation I've thought of so far is that Percy was just wrapping up his 'copy-protected' explanation when Pipes hit the Overlord-alarm. There wasn't time for other crew members to consider the problem nor do anything about it with the way events transpired between then and breaking the thing to stop the Killswitch.

As for the crew not really being irked by Brainstorm, best I've got is a non-lethal poisoning is small potatoes compared to what they saw during the war. Hell, they haven't tossed the unrepentant killer of their friends on Kimia out an airlock yet. Worst Cyclonus gets is dirty looks, some comments made behind his back, and the stuff said to his face on the Rodpod while the Lost Light and people were disappearing. If he's allowed to remain on the ship, then Brainy is too.
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