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Hmm, I wonder why since the 'Magnus is Minimus' reveal that Magnus hasn't had a quiet word with Chromedome regarding the futility of a search. It must pain him just a little to know that Rewind is still conducting a search that has, perhaps, been going on for four million years.

Seeing such unwavering devotion, the only reason I can imagine why Magnus doesn't react is that he and Dominus may be one and the same. There's the tiniest argument that he has a thing for the little people (Rewind and Verity), but not THAT little (he shows no affectation for Swerve or Tailgate for example).
Chromedome hasn't been carrying on the search, as far as we know. Pretty sure he said he hasn't at one point. Rewind may not have spoken of it outside of private (and it doesn't appear that he and Magnus spent time together) or at least not in a place Magnus could hear so Minimus may not even know Rewind was searching. I'd have to go back and real the cell scenes just check things.
He also couldn't just walk up to Rewind pre-Remain in Light and say something, for the risk of blowing his cover as Magnus. As for since the Minimus-is-Magnus reveal, there just hasn't been time since Rewind came back. Alt Rewind persisted, the Lost Light and everyone came back, and then it was right into Brainstorm's time-travelling brouhaha.

Minimus being Dominus (or vice versa), while plausible-ish, doesn't seem likely. We've already gotten the 'person A is actually person B' bit with Magnus. I can't see it being done again with the same character.
But maybe that's what Roberts wants us to think...
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