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Despite the fact that I'm terrible at TV, we've managed to watch a bit of GoT every night lately.

I literally hid my face when
SPOILER! (select to read)
they started killing babies and whatshisface handed that baby over to the white walker
, even though I know it's just some ****ing TV. I think having a kid has softened me up a bit.

We're a few episodes in to season 2 now. (maybe 3 eps in? I forget). Dany's a bit badass, isn't she? I'm not even up to that bit in the books yet, but
SPOILER! (select to read)
it's clearly evident that Mormont is going to **** her over somehow

Protip: Never google a GoT character unless you want the suggestion field to give you spoilers.

... Also, do not marry Hound unless you want him to drop big, thick hints-that-aren't-hints about what happens to characters later on in books despite you telling him to STOPPIT GODDAMMIT.

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