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Ah, should this go in TV watched or DVD's bought.... Grrrhhhhhhhh


I picked up the complete Knight Rider boxset whilst in London (I had season 1 some years ago in a box that was eight times larger than this. Welcome to the future!) and have watched the first couple of episodes.

The pilot is good, really good and surprisingly dark (it starts with the Hoff being shot in the face after all and he's incredibly pissed off throughout) with KITT just being awesome in every possible way.

Plus, Colonel Lynch from The A-Team is in it!

A very odd ending though. A lot of those 80's shows' would have a single mother as the woman of the week (I'm guessing having a hot chick for the lead to hit on and a small kid to be cute was a prerequisite and they decided to save time by combining the two) but this one actually gives a speech to camera at the end about how Michael Knight has taught her that her son needs a man in his life.

No, not a male role model (who could be another family member or friend), she needs to stop being so selfishly single and go jump on a man right now this second.

Not Michael Knight of course, he's running out the door. It's a worry as the second best man in the town is Charles Napier. An odd moral message that has nothing to do with the rest of the episode.

Michael showing the kid the surprise in his car and making him promise to keep it "Their little secret" is worrying as well.

The second episode has the General played by Skeletor turn out to be the surprise villain. What a twist.
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