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Originally Posted by Auntie Slag View Post
Things that bug the hell out of me that it feels will take forever to be revealed:

- The clicker in Krok's hand.
- Red's not-actual paranoia because he was tampered with.
- Who lit up the spark field on Luna 1.
- The significance of Rung's serial number.
- The wooden robot on the Worldsweeper ship.
- Why Skids hates Misfire.
- Where is Valve (there were three reasons why a Wrecker might be expelled).

If I had to pick one it would be Krok.
The Krok thing is an annoyance. I'm sure we'll get there sooner or later, probably when they next appear significantly.
Yeah, that's a bit of a thing. I think it's pretty clear he was an early use of injecting, which may explain his 'unbalance'.
Seems pretty obvious to me that it was Rodimus and his shattered Matrix half, though I suppose that is misdirection and it was Rung. Because reasons.
Rung's just special, that's all. How special and why, those are the questions.
The wooden robot is just another example of crazy science on that ship. I'm more annoyed by the lack of info on who owned the ship (I'm betting Scorponok)
I'm inclined to think that Skids doesn't actually hate Misfire, he just picked someone random because he really doesn't remember who his nemesis is. Though I do look forward to seeing Skids and Misfire locked in a death grip with each other when they meet.
I keep forgetting about Valve. So many other things deflecting my attention.

Originally Posted by Auntie Slag View Post
This might be an inconsistency, or me being bored but Red Alert notices Brainstorm's briefcase straight away in issue one. He asks to search it.

Brainstorm could have activated his attention deflector in the handle (something he used to hold onto the briefcase when they were all thrown into the cell during Remain in Light). Instead, he uses a special dispensation card from Rodimus (the one with the rub sign).

Why would Rodimus give Brainstorm special dispensation for anything? It doesn't appear to make much sense and I find it a little hard to believe he (Roberts) hadn't thought up the attention deflectors at this point. Its possible, I suppose... but I don't believe it.

So it was either done for the gag, and it was a good gag, or its an actual slip up.
Assuming the deflector wasn't installed at a later time (which is possible, since a lot of people on the ship are aware of the briefcase. That or people know about Brainstorm's propensity for toting a briefcase from Kimia so the deflector won't work on them), it could be the deflector didn't work on Red because of his paranoia, similar to the ones in the Magnus armor not really working on Ratchet. Red's the kind of bot who would notice anything.

As for why Rodders would give Brainstorm special dispensation, he probably had to/got talked into it by Drift. Brainstorm was involved in 'Project: End in Tears', makes sense he'd get all kinds of help in deflecting official attention from his stuff and activities, just in case.
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