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Ah yes the Drift, Chromedome, Brainstorm (and Prowl) Overlord agreement. Yes, that makes sense.

I still think the Worldsweeper ship was Shockwave's. I can understand how it could be (and probably is) Scorponok's, but I like Shockwave much more. Where is Scorponok in the IDW verse? Is he in prison following Maximum Dinobots (which I didn't read, but I roughly know the gist of).

I'd be a little sad if it turned out that Skids didn't hate Misfire. Its such a wonderfully odd choice of nemesis I want it to be true.

Now that we're talking about the Scavengers, there was that issue about Spinister being something of a medical savant. I thought a while ago that maybe Spinister shared a link with Skids and someone else, maybe the outliers, because they all have these super special powers/gifts that no-one can explain. Chromedome is, by all accounts an uncannily good mnemosurgeon, on account that he's done loads and hasn't died from it, like his peers.
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