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You might think I'm really reaching now; in the first issue when Tailgate ignites his energon cube and sends the explosion through to the planets surface that knocks Whirl offline... the sequence there is slightly odd.

It's always bugged me, Chromedome fishes him out of the hole, Tailgate sees Whirl and says in his polite Tailgate-y way; “Oh my, did I do that”?

In the very next panel the text changes font slightly and goes small as he repeats “Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm”, before panicking that Whirl is dead.

I've always wondered whether what's actually happening there is Tailgate having a sudden flashback to a previous event where he actually did kill somebody, and that's the true origin of his panicky nature.

I wonder if just maybe the person Tailgate killed was someone Getaway knew?
Can't be. Tailgate was two weeks old when he was trapped just before the Ark-1 launch. Getaway is an MTO. Outside of wacky 'back from the dead' shenanigans, there's no possible way Tailgate could have accidently killed someone pre-trap that Getaway would have known.

You may be on to something with Tailgate's panicky nature being based in a past trauma rather than him being like 2-3 years old at this point.
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