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I hate to drag you all back a few posts but re: Dominus and Minimus

Something I've been thinking about lately in light of this issue is how confident and self-assured Minimus was in the Functionist Universe. That makes sense given his personality and quirks and, when push finally came to shove, he was willing to turn against the Functionists even though they had a place for everyone and everyone in their place.

Perhaps in the Decepticon Universe he never felt like he was his own man, like he was in his famous brother's shadow and that was why he put so much of himself into being Ultra Magnus and why he was so ashamed to be outed?

Meanwhile, we don't really know what a 'brother' is in IDW do we? They're not branched sparks like Twin Twist and Topsin - we're told those are quite rare. They're born in batches but aren't they batches of several hundred or so? Are they just batchmates who happen to have a similar body / design from the outset? But then Dominus and Minimus are nothing alike aside from their face and guys like the seekers don't care about each other one bit. Did Rewind consider all those other cassette guys in the Functionist Universe his brothers?

We have a right to know!
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