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Default Looking to buy Galvatron! (G1)

Hmm, the title is semi-self explanatory. After being restored a few years ago, and Megatron and Prime now duking it out, Rodimus need's Galvatron!

I don't need one in mint condition, I am willing to give on some TLC so he can properly handle that Autobot brat! Did I mention he has Scourge here to blow as he wants? I just want the electronics to work, and for him to be in decent shape.

Just a heads up Galvatron will be heading to a colder climate, where maple syrup is in near abundance. So when you contact with a price (and include S&H) you have a rough idea of what the later costs. I'll deal in either CND or USD. Heck maybe we'll end up swapping bots since I have a load here for sale.

Hotshot81 out.
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