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My Knight Rider rewatch hit the KAAR episode. Jesus Christ, Peter Cullen is terrifying in that. A nice tense episode despite most of KAAR's crime spree being clips from previous episodes (you can even see the deco KITT had on in the stunt show episode at one point. That might be more forgiveable if this wasn't only episode 8).

I also skipped ahead and watched the second KAAR episode (without Cullen), loved how they acknowledged KAAR clearly exploded at the end of the first one, but there's no explanation as to how he didn't. There's also an odd but very nice continuity touch in that during the two years since they've clearly mucked about with KITT's interior with different buttons and switches, but KAAR uses the original look he had in the first episode.

Shame they then mess it up by having the Cylon light on the from of KAAR be yellow when it was red like KITT's first time round.
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