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Read it! I've got a long lunch break so here are initial thoughts.


Lots of pipe to lay so this won't be anyone's favourite issue. The focus on Nautica was nice and gave some shape to an otherwise quite muddled introduction to and arc that seems to be focused on the most overlooked feature of the series - the attention deflector.

Getaway doesn't notice when Rung enters a room, Ravage can make light lose its focus, First Aid doesn't find the horror in Thunderclash's trailer, Nautica is feeling unnoticed, a normal-looking medic handed out a miracle cure without anyone remarking on it, Getaway doesn't notice the thing growing on his face until it's too late... if the last big arc up to Elegant Chaos was 'edits,' then it looks like this one might be 'missing the thing that's right under your nose.' Is there a German word for that?

Rodimus and Megatron were reliably on form (and I did get a kick out of the call-back to highlighter pens) and I know Nightbeat isn't popular round these parts but I dig him. Nautica's suffocating best friend was a bit heavy-handed and felt a bit YA and I groaned out loud at the sequence that told us that, from now on, Swerve is going to be making a lot of those pop-culture references we crave.

Milne's on great form. That double-page spread was impressive for a couple of reasons beyond the meticulous crowd shots we expect of him.

Will Nightbeat and Getaway be perfectly okay next month?
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