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I pretty much enjoyed that, felt a lot more solid than last issue despite being similarly light for the most part.

Liked the idea of Nautica Nightbeat and Cyclonus being the uncool ones at the party, some effort being put into keeping track of Ravage and the spy freaking out. This is probably the friendliest we've seen Megatron and Rodimus as well.

I can appreciate people thinking Thunderclash is overdone, but I still like it (and the name of the academy can be handwaved as working better in the Cybertronian than the English it's being presented to us as).

I still find the Brainstorm thing deeply annoying. He reeeeeeeeeeallly shouldn't be let out and about till they've followed up on the Suspiciously Specifically Unammed Decepticon handler thing (and if they have, that should have been acknowledged at least even if it's not going to be dealt with head-on till later).

And, whilst I like Swerve more than, say, Warcry, I can't see why he's been given a new skit of Earth Culture when Bluestreak already has that market cornered. Plus, Community probably wouldn't exist in the IDWverse, it started in 2009. Or in other words, when America was a smouldering post AHM apocalyptic ruin. Sitcoms wouldn't have been up to much then.
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