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Something's up with Flamewar. She's evil and a monster queen.

Countdown's death goes surprisingly unreported and noticed on her watch.

She's mentioned to change her flame colour within the past year.

Her moves on the dance floor will "kill" Nautica.

Getaway and Skids are in exceptionally high spirits [as well as everybody else, with few exceptions] around her, but sulk badly afterwards. Skids even felt that way before.

Getaway is found after the party, almost passed out, then towards the end, he's infected on the face with the space barnacles.

Flamewar is a sucubus queen or something that "impregnates" other cybertronians like an Alien---they wake up with little memory of it.

And the female medic is either a cue for attention deflectors as well, or...she's a byproduct/that female Rung from pre-elegant chaos.

And while it seems that Ravage clawed his way into the morgue, what if that claw mark is from the space barnacle things?

Took me a second read to identify Rodimus' dagger on his table. At first I thought that Drift had returned or something. The red on the desk threw me off.

Lastly, what's going on with the chronology of the events? When do the Protectobots and Mirage leave?

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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