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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
It's also nice to see Minimus wandering around without the Magnus armour. I'm sure that'll come back to bite him in the ass eventually, but it's a nice bit of character development to see that he's so comfortable with himself even around strangers.
Yup. I fully expect him to be nearly killed while taking a quiet stroll sans armor. Possibly even with his new buddy Ten sacrificing himself to save him.
Don't be silly, the Technobots will be back as soon as they need them to flog a new Combiner Wars Computron.

But even then, people at least seem to still be irked by Cyclonus. Whereas Brainstorm is back to palling around with everyone as if the last six issues never happened. And in spite of what was said last issue, he seems to be allowed to wander around making new super-devices without anyone being worried (who's to say that he's not turning Nautica's wrench into a new time-travel killing machine?).
Like I've joked before, we'll find out it was actually Afterbruner, Nosebone, and Lichtspeed on Kimia and the 3 real Technobots are relaxing on a Hedonian beach, recovering from the fun of Stormbringer and Revelation.

With Brainstorm, I can sort of see things being back to normal (aside from him still being allowed to science unmonitored). I don't think the crew knows he was responsible for the poisoning, he didn't actually hurt anyone, nor did his actions cause any real harm. In fact, his shenanigans had to happen, otherwise the timeline would be vastly different (though no one knew that until afterwards).
There may also be a bit of the scale issue when it comes to comprehending his actions, like with Megatron. Yes, he tried to change history and would have effectively undone everyone, but I doubt people can get their heads around that. That may be giving him a pass.

I am a bit puzzled by him still being allowed to do the crazy inventing, but if I try I think I could see the justification. Given his actions and motivations, the real risk is him building another time machine. He may realize the futility in that, as his previous attempt and failure at travel was already baked in to the existing timeline.
It may also not be a risk at all since he spent centuries (millennia?) working on the first one and even had to go shopping at Decepti-mart for some materials. Yes, he no longer has to worry about research (unless he intends to find a way around the predestination problem) and would be able to build it faster this time, he may simply not have access to the necessary parts anymore. It's probably safe to let him work under supervision. Maybe even unsupervised if you throw in the occasional surprise audit from Percy to see if he's up to no good.

Of course, his alterations to Nautica's wrench may be something he's doing on the sly, and is being used as a way to show us just how brilliant he is. It shows he can still do funky science even without his lab.

Random aside: With how impressed Perceptor was at Brainstorm's work on the time machine, anyone else think it's possible they'll end up as friends, or more?
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