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Yeah, he seems to be more like The Question from Justice League Unlimited than Remington Steele, but as long as he's got some kind of a foil to keep him from going all conspiracy theory, he should be fine.

Having joined this series when Nightbeat did(the different take grated on me a little at first, but the only way to get proper Nightbeat involves time machines and kidnapping Simon Furman in the late 80s), a lot of the background stuff and "handwavey" things I seem to have missed.

But this was a lot of fun. Although I will admit the Thunderclash School of Heroic Arts felt a little odd. I admit I know squat about Thunderclash so far in this series, but I skimmed the posts the first time he showed up, and it kind of left me with the impression that the place might have been named to honor him. Kind of like the famous hero coming back to address a class of cadets only to discover they're renamed the whole institution after him.

I'm still having conceptual problems with Minimus Ambus, but I think that's more to not being entirely certain who Ambus is.

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