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The crew at large don't know Brainstorm spiked them.

Nautica allowing Brainstorm to further 'upgrade' her wrench was shown as a sign of rapprochement last issue, the object itself is symbolic of their friendship. She's allowing him to add to it again because of that connection, and she may even be letting him do it because she knows he likes to tinker and he's under restrictions; he's not allowed in his lab without supervision.

Also note that he adds the attention-deflector detector to it on Getaway's request.

Skids and Getaway are two of the more capable people on the ship and are in the know about Brainstorm, so suffice as 'watchers'. If they're even there in that regard.

Getway has been shown to be a manipulative SoB and so him acting chill around Brainstorm could well be a facade (either just to get the tech he wanted, or as part of his general 'keep 'em onside' behaviour) could have his noticeably dramatic reaction to finding out he was a traitor in the first place.
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