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I didnít get on with this issue at all initially. It felt exactly like one of those Star Trek: TNG filler episodes, you know, one or two people solve the ship-wide infection, hit the reset button at the end and move on. And thatís unduly harsh. I should have reacted the same way to the Delphi story but didnít, and that has had plenty of repercussions since. Thereís no reason to think elements of this story wonít affect future stories either, that is the way the writer works.

And going back over it has given it more of a fun theme. I feel Swerve is likeable again after hitting his low at the beginning of the Megatron arc. Like KingMob said; the crew donít know it was Brainstormís doing that poisoned them, so donít the majority blame Swerve instead, which is another reason why everyoneís off at Mirageís bar?

I like the fact that Bluestreak sticks with him, though.

The cover was irritating. I just donít like the whole Femmebot concept, and this goes back to the 80ís cartoons. I know their existence has been explained with the whole Camina thing, but Iíd still much rather we had issues about Scraplets or Donny Finkleberg or something.

Iím intrigued as to who that massive guy is standing behind Groove when Rodimus hits the gong. Heís kind of orangey with a winch on his waist. Makes me wonder whether thatís the first appearance of Spoke or Lockstock (although Spoke may turn into a bicycle, or a robot Vulcan).

The only robots who appear immune to the germs/egg-things are the Caminus femmebots, so perhaps the solution to the problem lies with them, if First Aid can discover it before he succumbs to the infection?

The final panel is pretty cool too, it reminds me of a mashup between the City of the Dead story from Marvel (featuring Magnus, Flame & the Wreckers), and the IDW Insecticon infestation two-parter with Jazz, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe & Bumper vs. Insecticon clones in small US town (always liked that story).

Really happy if this remains a First Aid, Ravage & Minimus centric story. Iíve wanted more Ravage character treatment ever since The Enemy Within. Heís been painfully underused since then.
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