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I wondered if the infection was aided by excess activity, the dancing in this case, and the only reason I say that is because Getaway has been infected whereas Nightbeat hasn't. That's further negated by the fact that Countdown died shortly after arriving onboard with no time for dancing.

Where is the rest of ThunderClash's crew?

Any, lots of little touches to appreciate in this issue too:

- Rodimus' 'Weve Achieved Something' sign.

- Whirl in the audience looking like he couldn't care less.

- Doublecross annoying... who I think is Repugnus?

- The Protectobots (Groove & Streetwise) doing some groovy dancing, and Hotspot with a sort of gleeful look like a happy parent.

- The Thunderclash signature on the Select-A-View wall panel behind Nautical & Skids.

One thing that interests me is why Ravage is seemingly 'sparking' all over his body when he leaps over Nightbeat & Getaway. Is this the infectious eggs attacking his nanoscopic attention deflectors? Are they doing this to prevent themselves being revealed & eradicated? (I'm assuming the eggs could be seen on a robot who has deflector tech).

I wonder if they are a mutated form of Scraplet. Mutated by... A reanimated Pharma in a dress?

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