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Sigh. Once, the UK was a shoe-in for at least waves 1 & 2 of most TF lines. I wonder if anyone at these Hasbro distribution hubs thinks about product assortments and what's been released where and whatnot. It would be interesting to find out the thought process that goes into these decisions.

I'll bet there'll be a fair few consumers annoyed that they can't complete Superion in his proper form. Or Menasor at all. One Stunticon. Cheers Hasbro, I'd give you a round of applause but you only shipped one of two hands to your European markets, so I cannot do clapping.

I'll bet wave 2 will show up at the usual clearance outlets then as 'grey imports' (whatever that means. I read someone using that on this forum and it sounded all clever, knowledgeable and fancy so I am using it also to pretend I am also clever, but am probably using it out of context), like all those other US packaged TFs that have shown up over here since 2009-ish.
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