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Default Leader + War Within Grimlock

Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents Short Story: Leader.

Optimus Prime, Jazz and Grimlock prepare for the opening act of The War Within: The Dark Ages: with Megatron preparing to activate the Space Bridge Prototype, shall Optimus Prime face him alone?.

By Daniele Spezzani, Nate Hammond.

Bonus: a Grimlock-color-scheme-only version of panels 2-4 from page 3 of Wrath Of The Ages #5.

Based on the synopsis of the unreleased issues of The War Within: The Age Of Wrath, Transformers: Wrath Of The Ages is the unofficial conclusion of the Dreamwave miniseries by Simon Furman and Joe Ng that was halted at issue #3.

Wrath Of The Ages is part of the Transformers: Seeds Of Deception continuity a fanproject which was conceived as an expansion of The War Within and a bridge between that universe and the -Ation series.
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