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Time for plan bee-weeoop
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And we've got a 10 minute video from E3 with some of the devs and gameplay footage.
Edit: Volume seems low on the video, I had to crank it up.

EDIT: Time to tuck in some details now that I've watched.
  • At about 8:30 or so in the video, they go to some cutscene exposition dialogue involving Prime and Wheeljack. Sounds a bit more like modern Prime voice from Cullen, and whoever they got for Wheeljack doesn't do a bad job on the impersonation.
  • Transformation gets utilized for combos, dodging, and what they call a rush attack. Basically getting up to full speed before launching into a special combo.
  • Story driven, so despite only playing as Autobots we're supposed to get a good bit of depth for both sides.
  • Both a full retail release and available for download (so full game and not some quick cash in)
  • Bonecrusher is seen in the video with the Devastator forearm with drillbit attached, looks like he'll be using it as a weapon in bot and maybe vehicle mode.
  • Generic Runa-cons were seen as enemies, as were generic coneheads, and I assume Insecticon clones (if not the actual Insecticons).
  • Looks like there's a bossfight against Soundwave, or atleast the pair of Laserbeak and Ravage.

Optimism continues.

Oh, one last important thing I forgot. Prime's truck mode is generally seen sans trailer. However, it does appropriately appear out of nowhere for a pretty bitchin' looking tailwhip attack.

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