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Time for plan bee-weeoop
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From the articles and footage, it seems to be a lot more based on up to 4 interchangeable weapons at a time. I think that'll work a lot better than the Rising system of 'you have a sword, use it for everything. Oh, and here's some random grenades and a rocket launcher you'll completely forget about in 20 seconds'.

From the Game Informer article, they've got a lot of different weapons planned. Wrenches, sniper rifles, homing missiles, guns that shoot slowing gel, plus the obvious stuff like Prime's Axe and Blaster. There was mention of a requirement to equip at least 1 melee and 1 ranged weapon, but I'm betting you could easily lean more in one direction than the other.
I'm thinking the crafting system is supposed to help here too. I suspect you could spend some time and resources spiffing up your preferred weapon and just stick to it, beyond the odd required fight mechanic or need for utility.

I'm wondering if they'll make a playable demo available to everyone eventually, or if it's just a 'show the media' thing
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