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While I'm excited for the game and will definitely play it at some point, I'm disappointed in the lack of playable characters (only five Autobots and no Decepticons).

I wonder if High Moon will ever do a third Cybertron game or if they're done with the license totally.
Knowing the type of game it's to be, 5 playables is actually a lot. The brawler genre is usually 1-2 playables, with anything beyond that usually being straight re-skins or DLC-type characters with their own separated out missions.
I would have liked some Decepticon gameplay myself, but I can see the reasons for sticking with just the Autobots. I'm hoping it does well enough that we get a bigger, better sequel with both sides playable. Perhaps with wacky time travel shenanigans, pre and post movies characters, Quintessons and their minions as the enemy, etc.

I think it's more Activision has the license and farms out the dev work to appropriate studios.
I wouldn't mind seeing a third Cybertron game but I'm not sure how much of High Moon is left these days. They took a downsizing after Deadpool and their recent stuff has been porting one of the Call of Duty games and apparently lending a hand on Destiny.
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