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Some neat stuff, but nothing that I'm super excited about. I like that the west is finally getting the Prime Voyager Breakdown mould...but as an expensive limited release. Hooray!

I think I'd be more excited about these if they all weren't going to be hideously expensive to pick up - worse than the E-Hobby stuff in the majority of cases!

The black Skids is probably my favourite out of the bunch. It's a shame the Mayhems are only getting a release as a BotCon exclusive. I'd love a mainstream release for a Spinister figure. That's the second time he's got a BotCon figure. Its such a tease! The more I think about it, the more I find it annoying that the Decepticon contingent of Transformers is frequently represented only by limited releases like these. Boo.

I like my Generations figures, but needs more Decepticons!!!
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