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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
Loved the Galvatron/Arcee stuff. Sure, it did mainly feel like it was retreading old ground of the last time they had a chat (though after a gap of months, reiterating that plot point is probably sensible), but it was nicely done and great fun. His casual offer to kill Astrotrain was lovely.

The Prowl side of things... well in isolation it was a great sequence. But it's built of foundations of quicksand thanks to the bizarre and inconsistent build-up of Prowl's character. Plus, seeing Chris McFeely share THIS didn't help as it basically recaps that entire half of the issue at the same time as mocking it perfectly in just one panel.

Agreed Livio was on finer form this month though, he didn't accidentally drawn Bomber Bill in place of Prowl so that's a bonus.

[I like Livio, so I do feel a little bad that not knowing who is in the Protectobots is almost certainly going to be his defining legacy as a Transformers artist.

Then I remember he drew two issues straight with the wrong characters in the Protectobots and feel slightly less bad.]
My god that Picture is ungodly on target. Funny too. But my sentiments are the same here. Honestly getting sick of Prowl as of late.

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