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At the other end of the quality spectrum, Eerie and Tales From Crypt themed Fukitor is one of the most purelie and enjoyable things I've ever read. Comes in black polybags to protect the innocent and easily offended.

I love We3. Its probably one of the best things Grant Morrison's ever written.

Charles Burns' Black Hole and X'd Out are great, taking familar things and turning them into quite disturbing things.

Recently re-read Young Liars by David Lapham. I like his stuff, and his characters are great - probably the most true to life comic characters I've read, as they're all total sh*tbags with no redeeming features, but you end up rooting for them anyway. Its kind of the comic equivalent of having that friend everyone has that's a total knob, but they're a mate, so what are you going to do?

I don't know that anything I've read has freaked me out, so much as resonated with me, even if it is totally disgusting.
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