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Oh possibly part of this Secret Wars thing, so I expect plenty of oddness from that. I'm only reading Secret Wars : 2099 (which is fun so far) and Secret Wars : Ghost Racers. A lot of these titles are bringing characters out of retirement, which is good, but I know its not going to last and we're just going to have a shakedown that'll end up with a bunch of core Marvel books based on whichever of their films is popular at the cinema.

This whole thing is probably so they don't have to do another fudge with Johnny Storm like they did so so badly with Nick Fury in the comics. Why the two things can't stand on their own merits is beyond me, as there's no real evidence to suggest new readers are brought into comics as a result of the films.

Wonder what Simon Williams is up to these days? I should find out. He's a great artist, but another British artist whose not made the expected leap to the wider world of comics, which is a crying shame.
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