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TBH I'm largely with the various TV series' attitude of "some of them are just female, alright?" as any attempt to actually address the issue just takes up story space that could be used for something more interesting and also starts a slippery slope to lots of other universe-busting concepts (why do they talk again?).

I'd be open to the idea of Arcee being in this more if it was standalone or if Arcee hadn't done anything in IDW but it's inevitably going to mean mentioning her shit backstory and tainting the thing with exactly the sort of rubbish notioned above.

EDIT: Nick Roche's record of not doing resurrections would be more impressive if he'd written more than about five licensed Transformers comics; that's not a slight but it's not like you can build an accurate assessment from that sort of sample. TBH, I'd be more worried about Hasbro maybe having new Jumpstarter figures (probably CW remoulds of Fireflight and Dragstrip or something) on the decks.
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