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They do see to have quietly dropped the dodgier aspects of Arcee's backstory, I can't actually recall the last time any of that was mentioned (Dark Cybertron maybe? Though I don't remember her and Jhiaxus interacting in that one). Plus at AA a couple of years ago when the panel was talking about the then forthcoming new female Autobots Roche was not subtle in suggesting he thought the entire Arcee thing was terrible whilst sat next to Alex Milne and in the same room as Furman. I doubt he'll be falling back on her prior problems, she'll just be a character with some emotional damage, same as basically everyone else who seems to be in it.

I'm more worried about Verity, a character who gives Circuit Breaker a run for her money in the "Why are the writers so much more interested in this than anyone reading the books?" stakes.
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