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EDIT: The news about a Livio (what seems to be) Punishment sequel basically got curb stomped by this didn't it?
I liked that news! I've got a lot of time for Punishment and Barber does Dinobots the best. Not quite sure where he's going to take them after having them roundly rejected and dismissed by Prime as being irredeemable nasty people but I've faith in the concept.

Barber seems to be taking the Hasbro bullet again if the minty lady combiner team is going to be in this. I suppose it's that sort of enthusiasm that allows stuff like Wreckers sequels to be supported.

Similarly, Roche will probably use Arcee well. But then I quite like what Barber's done with her. She's got at least two dimensions to play with nowadays. That said...

So why not use Afterburner or Override or Camshaft? The joy of Last Stand was that so much of it was about the blank slates of Rotorstorm, Pyro, Ironfist and Guzzle.
Some more gold spun from nothing would be very welcome. The fact that there are unidentified characters on the cover is encouraging. A Roche original character would be neat too.
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