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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
So why not use Afterburner or Override or Camshaft? The joy of Last Stand was that so much of it was about the blank slates of Rotorstorm, Pyro, Ironfist and Guzzle.
There was still support from names though, and at the very least we're getting Stakeout (I've no idea if he was the police car at the end of the first series, but I'll bet his prominence on the cover is at least meant to get conversation going as to if he might have been) and a yellow guy so obscure no one seems to be sure who he is.

As for why Arcee... pure speculation but Prowl was a major background player in Wreckers, and he'd certainly be the person most keen to stop that backup disc getting out there. He's currently locked up (and frankly a far more ruined character now than Arcee ever was) and Arcee spent a lot of time as his right arm. Whether that means she's working to his agenda or (more likely at this point) fighting against it, it's fairly logical she'd know Prowl's secrets and would get involved.

TBH knowing Roche's comments about her origin makes me more uncertain; more likely we'll have some rescue of the character.
For full context, the original panel (I must have a reslisten myself actually, I suspect that post Dark Cybertron a lot of comments take on a new context):

What I do remember being very obvious is that Roche (presumably because he wasn't on IDW's payroll at the time) was just the most vocal- "Alex only drew it!"- of a group of creators who all thought Arcee was a bloody awful idea.

Originally Posted by Terome View Post
I liked that news! I've got a lot of time for Punishment and Barber does Dinobots the best. Not quite sure where he's going to take them after having them roundly rejected and dismissed by Prime as being irredeemable nasty people but I've faith in the concept.
Yeah, that bumper issue was comfortably the best thing Barber has done this year, and with Grimlock on his way back in MTMTE (as also revealed and curb stomped by this news) it'll be interesting to see how they move things towards the reunion of the five man band.
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