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Extreme necro bump (I did think about starting a new thread, but I'll be shamelessly needing to pimp The Book of the Site in a couple of weeks so I thought keeping the one thred for all my sell out whoring would be a good idea. It might trick the other mods into not noticing I've become a spam bot for myself)!

Anyway, tomorrow I reach the exact midpoint of the British comic. Three years and two months down, three years and two months to go!

[For Marvel anyway, I suspect I will carry on and do Every Single British Transformers comic. Mainly because, as no one cares about Panini/Titan*, it'll be interesting to see at what point the readership reaches zero]

Just for fun, I've been making hugely professional and sexy looking adverts as part of a daily countdown (except on Sunday, for I am a God fearing man, not because I forgot. No Sir), which I thought I'd share to show off my AMAZING photoshop skills.

Six days to go!

Err... Four days to go!

Three days to go!

Two days to go!


It's the same joke five times, but I'm way more proud of those than I should be (by the by, I'm not deluded enough to actually try and watermark these things, the link is just so people know where to look). Big things ahead tomorrow!

*On this note, if anyone has issues 1 and 2 of the Animated comic for sale, or scans they could chuck my way, I will be grateful. Veeeeeeeeeeery grateful.
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