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Originally Posted by Brendocon 2.0 View Post
Oh my god I heart the notion of the Nolans doing a TF film. If only to find out exactly how he'd motivate Optimus Prime without a dead wife to lean on.
Introduce Elita-1.

Though I'd prefer something original over both; after 30-odd years of huge variety the mythos behind Transformers is starting to congeal to a set of boring universal facts; Bay's just the kind of man to stuff a hand grenade in that sort of thing's mouth and drop-kick it off a skyscraper.
Yeah, I'd be up for that as well (whilst at the same time acknowledging that for 99.99% of the audience over familiarity wouldn't be a problem and Primus flashbacks could allow for some gonzo insnane imagery). Hmm, no official fiction has ever done the "Merge the Quints and the Primus stories" fan fic thing has it? That would allow for the Epic Universe shattering history (and let's face it, Bay would be all over a villain who wants to destroy reality, it'd be the biggest explosion ever!) but at the same time giving bad guys more on a scale the heroes can interact with.

Regarding him directing it's a case of "who else?". Paramount want to appeal to the millions of people who went to see the last four, not a few idiots who think knowing Christopher Nolan's name makes them a film expert. And for Bay it gives him more leverage for doing other work; it's basically the same thing Steven Soderbergh does.
Well, unless they're going to have him direct all of them this (ridiculous to my eyes, but you never know, they might pull it off) shared Transformers cinematic Universe is going to have to find fresh blood. And in terms of the main (? whatever they'll be called) film series, if Paramount want it to be a sustainable ongoing concern they'll have to bring in a new director sooner or later if only because Bay isn't immortal (though I suspect he'll ultimately get too expensive proportionally before that).

I can certainly see why Paramount would want more of the same, but the strength of the first Bay film was that it shook up the franchise up and brought it firmly into the Noughties. Someone doing the same for the rapidly approaching twenties wouldn't automatically be a bad thing.
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