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The only reason I am stating that we need to see the quints goes back all the way to 2007. This was when Frenzy was introduced as a gleaming, shiny little scrat of a robot. Fast, fluid moves made this guy interesting. Throw in ROTF and the Nemesis encounter. We know grotesque robots can be made with current CGI techniques. DOTM brought on tentacles!! Now for multiple or morphing faces!! The quints also could use their own backstory. In Beast Wars, the Vok was brought in as TF creators, but the Quints are much more believable than the Vok. Primus is credited with the creation of TF's from certain comics and later TV series, but the organic creating the nonorganic thing makes the most sense to me. We can't escape the "hand" we saw in the opening of AoE. It looked completely organic.
There is one other theory that seems to hold some history. The comic universe refers to the "first cause" in the TF universe as being Primacron, a diminuitive, omniscent that created three "uberbeings": Tornatron,Unicron and Primus. Tornatron was defeated by Grimlock, but the last two have remained to the present day. So, Quints? Primus? Unicron or Primacron? All are probable, but it might be the "powers that be ( pun intended)" to decide the identity of the TF creators.
P.S. The "creators" are known to be malevolent, at least according to Bay, so Primus is not really expected since he is a benevolent being.

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