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The Vok were doing their own thing. On screen, all we saw were that they were aliens whom were a bit shady and conducted experiments with life on a cosmic scale. The Beast-era Transfomers are the ancestors of the original Transformers and took the series took elements from the existing cartoon and comic mythos and married them together (and with just one line of dialogue too! "Primus help us all if that thing survived.") and added some innovations of their own (Transformers having proto-forms, Sparks and sketched in a back- drop of political intrigue).

I think there's been discussion with the show runners since and they've aluded to the Vok having a connection to the Swarm from Generation 2 or something.

Heh, fancy the creators in a Bay film being malevolent..! I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you! I am genuinely interested to see what they movie guys come up with. I'd be up for seeing some thing a bit fresh and wouldn't be adverse to Quints either.
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