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I'll believe a shared film universe when I see it, TBH. It's still just too expensive to do well IMO (hell, Bay needed a ton of money from China to make the last); sounds more like a contingency plan so if/when TF5 flops or Cullen dies or GM hike up the Camaro price they can bring out a fresh cast.
I dunno, I think that the success of TF4 already proved that the concept itself is enough to hold water: new human cast, (mostly) new robot cast, another version of their origin (was the cube, then the matrix, then the 'creators'), and it did just fine. I see the idea of a shared film canon as more of a way to have multiple projects in development simultaneously so that Paramount can have a TF brand tentpole every summer. I think that could wear thin very quickly, especially if the running times stay at 2 1/2 hours each.
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