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We could always just not edit it, pure Derek and Clive stuff.

Welcome aboard Terome!

Whilst I think being to the point is a good idea, let's face it, there's no way a typical conversation around here on MTMTE will last for less than an hour.

If it's a sporadically produced podcast (at least initially) it could well wind up being a lengthy one, there's always the option of breaking it up into parts or even people just listening to it in chunks of the length that works for them.

The RPG and Lost Season updates stuff is an interesting idea, is that something people who play those things would be interested in?

It might also be worth noting that (as I think--with the end of Underbase--the last podcast I listen to regularly that doesn't have a Patron/Kickstarter/sponsorship is James Bond Radio) we'll be doing this with our own time and resources unaided, so there will be rough edges.

But that means we're not sell out like those lovely lyrical professional podcasts! Am I right?

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