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I'm probably not representative (the only things I get chance to listen to in the way of podcasts is some of the Richard Herring ones, and even that's more a case of switching on, tuning out and at some point realising it's finished) but the only people I'd listen to talking at that sort of length about comics would generally be the authors, and only if they had something particular to say. Robert LLewellyn's Carpool episodes run to about 30mins max with -- and I'm not saying you're all dull ****ers -- really interesting and varied people.

Other than those my listening's usually shorter YT videos. I've lost track of how many TV series I've started and have no idea which episode I got to in.

A mix of a regular show with segments about a range of topics plus some longer form specials with more in-depth discussion seems like it could work. Depends what sort of audience(s) you're going for.

It's not very clear as a name. Even spelling it out as "Ark-kast" or "Ark-cast" doesn't convey Transformers. Plus people are likely to spell out what it is, so "the Arkast podcast" sounds redundant.

"Moonbase Podcast" worked without being too copyright infringe-y. Maccadam's is taken, yeah? If there's a comics slant or you're seriously going to air love poetry, Innermost Energon might be worth considering before someone else nabs it?

edit2: Plus it'd be an excuse for drinking.

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